TARE Sculpture Lingerie

help shape your body figures by correcting your body posture and gradually distributing fat tissue back into the right body areas, thus giving you the ideal body curve lines.


Reduce Breast Sagging

Increase Blood Circulation

Improve Body Metabolism

Researched & Developed

based on a combination of medical science, aesthetics, lipidomics (the science and study of fats) and ergonomics studies, as well as input from lingerie expert designers.

Made of Functional Fabrics

Nanometer Liquefied Titanium (Eliminate Body Odor)

Magnetic nanoparticles (Eliminate Pathogen)

Far Infrared (Increase Blood Circulation)

Bamboo Charcoal Fabric (Anti-Bacteria)

Collagen (Moisturising Skin)

Silk Protein (High Elasticity)

Tourmaline (Anti Pathogen)

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