1. Magnetic nanoparticles

Effectively eliminates most bacterial pathogens and improves microcirculation in the chest area, accelerate blood circulation, reduces clogging in breast duct, and enhance the adsorption capacity of the cavernous chest.

The utilization of traditional Chinese medical principles to stimulate body function regulation and improve the body’s blood circulation will allow achieving the state of “smooth-flowing Chi and circulation”. It accelerates body metabolism, promote blood circulation, and decrease breast discomfort during menstrual cycle.

2. Far Infrared

Has functions such as stomach vaso-dilation, accelerate blood circulation; prevent breast hyperplasia and other effects.

Far infrared dilates capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, help clear blood vessels and harmful substances accumulated in the body that will hinder normal metabolism and detoxification processes, as well as strengthening the immune system

3. Bamboo Charcoal Fabric

It has anti-bacterial features, is a strong perspiration-absorbent, and does not fray at the edges · It is comfortable to wear, and has a longer fabric lifespan in lingerie

It is known as “Black Diamond”, is globally recognized as the “new 21st century environmentally-friendly guardian”. It is rich in various essential minerals that are crucial for the body and overall health.

4. Collagen

It has the ability to absorb, preserve and lock in moisture. This fabric is highly effective in protecting and moisturizing the human skin when in use.

Is highly recommended for users with dry skin and wrinkles.

5. Silk protein

Known as ‘ the King of Fibre’, ‘human’s second skin’, TARE’s products use premium silk as the basic fabric that is carefully selected as raw material to be used because this special material is high in elasticity and has anti-static properties. Only the finest quality of silk are selected as raw material for the special fabric with high elasticity and anti-static properties is the basic fabric of silk protein.

Contains various amino acids that are similar to human skin. Excellent absorbent and highly breathable, as silk has 1.5 times more absorption power than cotton.

6. Tourmaline

Bacteria contamination in lingerie is the main factor in causing infectious diseases and inflammation. Tourmaline effectively eliminates most of these pathogen and bacteria, as well as improves the detoxification of the lymphatic systems in the bust area, accelerating blood circulation, clear up reduce breast ducts, and enhance the cavernous chest adsorption capacity.

7. Nanometer liquefied titanium

Nanometer liquefied titanium’s corpuscle microsome can absorb unusual smells, eliminate body odour, and reduce toxic gas density present in the air. It comprises an anion and bacteriostasis, and the anti-static electricity’s function which passes through the examination of liquefication titanium.

Under the static condition, the yarn may produce results due to presence of high anion. The liquefied titanium’s micro pore performs a moisturizing function which adjusts the moisture equilibrium between clothes and body that enables the human body to fine-tune to the comfortable environment

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