What is Sculpture Lingerie?
TARE Sculpture Lingerie has the function to help women shape their body, define and emphasize the beauty of their natural body contour.
Does sculpture lingerie mean the same thing as body-shaping lingerie?
Most of the body-shaping undergarments sold in the market are actually tight-fitting lingerie which is effectively squeezing out body shape with great force. Based on TARE’s opinion, aside from the effectiveness of contouring and its effects, the comfort of the wearer is utmost important. We have taken into account the characteristics of fat tissues in the body – which is soft, has volume and flow; we at the same time carry out a consideration of local weather and humidity too. With a comfortable set, the wearer can withstand long-term use. And only through long term use could one achieve results, as it works by relocating fat tissues back into the correct body areas.
Which areas of the body can sculpture lingerie improve and enhance?
Choose the suitable TARE sculpture lingerie for the area that you wish to enhance, and you will see the desired results.
Why do we need TARE health-friendly body-contouring lingerie? Will it really shape our body after wearing it?
Most common forms of body shape distortion faced by women are expansion of the chest area, thick waist, protruding abdomen, sagging thighs, pear-shaped body and ‘radish legs’. These symptoms always come hand in hand in post-natal women. In fact strayed flowing fat tissues are soft as cotton.According to the lipo displacement theory, fat tissues can be moved and when it is molded into the ideal shape outlined by the lingerie, it will be naturally pressurized and thus modified the body shape. Furthermore as a bonus, the fabric functional features of the lingerie helps to eliminate fluid retention, detoxify and regulate female hormones.
Who needs to use TARE sculpture lingerie?
Aside from adolescence, a woman goes through two major changes in her lifetime that will affect her body weight. It is pregnancy and reaching 35 years of age (normally hormone changes begin during middle-age). After giving birth and before reaching middle age, this is identified to be the best time to start wearing body-contouring lingerie.
Are there many choices to select from in TARE sculpture lingerie?
TARE has cast off the monotonous styles of traditional body-contouring underclothing; TARE’s body-contouring underclothing not only comes in a variety of choices, colors and functions, but it also comes in a complete set that can definitely boost your confidence.
Why the need to try out before purchase? Why can't I just purchase the size I've always been wearing or buy online?
A woman’s body will undergo constant changes which are affected by changes in seasons, age and lifestyle. Even during the start and end of the menstrual period, the measurement of breasts will always differ during this time. Different brands or different series within the same brand will have variances in measurements due to different designs. It is important to try it on and find the one that fits you the most before purchase.
What are the special characteristics of TARE sculpture lingerie?
TARE is unique by integrating use of ergonomics in its three-dimensional cutting, using high-quality cotton fabric and delicate tailoring. Wearing the TARE body contouring lingerie not only reduces negative pressure on the body but also displays the elegance and beauty of one’s body curves. TARE has a wide variety of products in its series: bra, body suit, girdle, waist clip, as well as body-contouring tights and stockings
Wearing sculpture underclothing is a pain. Is suffering the only way to achieve desired results?
You should not suffer by wearing body contouring lingerie. Suffering means you choose and wear an ill-fitted set which is either unsuitable design, size or wear it incorrectly. Simple advice is to get professional advice and consulting.If the right size of lingerie is worn correctly there is no uncomfortable feeling. TARE sculpture lingerie is dimensional-cut designs based on the theories of ergonomics and kinetics.TARE’s unique ‘horizontally deep and vertically narrow” side-assistance force support can be worn over a long period of time without any discomfort. The fabric used is flexible and elastic which allow various body movement, and is comfortable to the touch. This is the true combination of “modern fashionable body-contouring lingerie” and “comfortable to wear”.Since the female body is always undergoing changes, it is recommended to take your own measurements from time to time, and to confirm your current measurement and the correct size of your lingerie.
Can the sculpture lingerie help enhance cleavage?
We cannot absolutely guarantee an enhanced cleavage, but the theory behind TARE’s sculpture lingerie is to push the breasts back into its original and correct position. Molding the breast back into its correct position enhances the firm height of the breasts. By molding back the free flowing fats into the breasts, it enhances the breasts’ volume, giving the chest a fuller appearance.
Among TARE’s different series of girdles, which suits me best?
Every TARE girdle has its own characteristics that are designed with different combination of fabrics and structure according to diverse needs. Aside from the regular series for slimming down the waist and abdomen, TARE have high-cut girdles that contours the stomach and belly area, buttocks-firming girdles, seamless and thin series for the tropical weather, short girdles that can be worn with mini-skirts, leg-contouring legging/stocking and many more. Base on your figure and preference, feel free to choose whichever that suits you the most.
How long do we have to wear this in order to achieve the desired results?
Desired results will be achieved through long-term continuous use of TARE sculpture lingerie. Through daily use, you will notice a gradual change in your body figure and also delayed signs of aging in your figure.
Will it be more effective if a smaller size is worn?
Wearing the incorrect size will not get you the results you wish to achieve. First of all wearing one size smaller than your correct size will leave deep markings on our body, which is damaging. Aside from that, a smaller size will increase the burden of the lingerie war.
By Wearing TARE sculpture lingerie during sleep, will this achieve even better results?
During sleep, take into consideration of various body that should in relax condition; loose, comfortable clothing are recommended for resting hours.
Can TARE sculpture lingerie be worn during menstrual cycle?
The menstrual cycle does not affect the function of the garment. However, as every person’s condition differs, you can wear this based on your level of own condition and comfort.
Are there any products suitable for pregnant mothers?
Currently, it has not been scientifically proven in medical researches that there are any positive or negative effects in using body-contouring lingerie while pregnant. However, pregnancy is a complex and delicate process. TARE does not recommend pregnant mothers to use our products during their entire pregnancy phase.
Are there any products suitable for post-natal recovery?
Pregnancy and childbirth causes huge changes to a woman’s figure. Sagging breasts, fat accumulation around the abdominal area, thighs are some of the annoying problems, TARE sculpture lingerie will be able to help you with these.
What is the lifespan of TARE sculpture lingerie?
Every set of sculpting lingerie varies in lifespan that includes factor of laundry, proper care (washing, drying) according to the instructions. It is recommended that lingerie be changed once every two years even though the condition of body-sculpting lingerie looks wearable.
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