Sculpture Lingerie Boutique

is under the management of Dynabeauty Bellezone Sdn. Bhd (Established since 2010).

Currently there are 3 boutiques located at SS2/75 (Petaling Jaya), Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall.

TARE Sculpture Lingerie Boutique is one stop boutique provide woman health and lingerie solution/consultancy. We are heavily focusing on health and product quality during the research and development phase.

What We Believe

TARE believes that a perfect body figure has always been every woman’s desire. Woman inner health and outer shape is to major factors to achieve the perfect body figure.

We strive to achieve this by truly understanding our Customers’ immediate expectations. We are confident in achieving this by offering professional advice and services for mutually satisfying results.

For long-term expansion and growth, we will continue innovate and design our business to improve our Customers satisfaction. Personal attention, dependability, promptness and employee competence are the key words that best describe our commitments and actions.


TARE is a brand that embodies health, elegance, intimacy, as well as health care functions for its users. Caring for women through our creative and innovative high quality products and lifestyle is our core principles.

At first glance, TARE’s sculpting lingerie might look like any other ordinary mass market brands. However, behind the scenes, there are numerous design efforts, fabric selection, technology and countless hours of research and development; that makes TARE products unique and high in quality.

What makes TARE different?

We hire reliable professional consultants, through application of scientific knowledge in lingerie design, use 3D-tailoring in our end products, as well as strict quality control in specific body-sculpting functions with elegance and trendy fashion designs in mind. The end results are elegant lingerie with built-in body-sculpting function and health- friendly comfortable fabric.

Today, TARE strives to be the body-sculpting lingerie professional in Asia, creating a sustainable, competitive brand that will be the fashion icon every Asian woman adores.

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